A GeoDate w/ Turbo-7

Today I met a fellow geocacher, Turbo-7. We had made a GeoDate three weeks ago for this day. He drove for two hours to meet me at my station at 09:00. We had coffee and then rode around picking up my caches in the area. It was a great day.
We even found one cache I have been looking for, for a couple of years so yay!

I enjoyed everything except the feeling of wanting to tear out my eyeballs and wash them in acid, then drink and snort the acid to get rid of the tremendously powerful cedar pollen allergy.   

GeoVisitation Rights

I am on the train home from Kakogawa, western Japan. I went out Friday evening to spend the weekend with my good friend Rob. Although I arrived about 23:00 to his station he was kind enough to come and get me, rather than leave me out in the cold to fend for myself. 
On Saturday we fleshed out some ideas pertaining to the next “mini conference” that Rob would like to plan for his students. We came up with some pretty good ideas, and as Rob is an intelligent man, I am confident that the program will be a success. 

We went for a very early dinner to a “beer hall” kind of place, as we were both quite hungry and then headed back to his lovely home and family around 18:00. I spent some time talking with Junko as we ate leftovers for dinner, and then had a shower and promptly fell asleep around 22:30. I must be getting old…

Today we took Rob’s son out for some geocaching in the area, and found eight to 10 caches in total. We found all we searched for, which was very nice,  so that Rob’s son did not have to experience the disappointment of “the  dreaded DNF” at such an impressionable, young age.

We had a late lunch (15:00) at Coco Ichibanya, and then Rob dropped me off at the train station for my trip home. I am currently on the Shinkansen and should arrive at Tokyo Station just before 20:00. Please do say hello if our paths happen to cross. 

It was a very pleasant weekend and I look forward to visiting Rob et. al, again in the near future.




Yugawara Getaway

Hiroko and I had a very nice overnight break away from Tokyo at Manazuru and Yugawara Onsen in Kanagawa Prefecture. Mountains and forest and sea, oh my!
We got off the train at Manazuru and took a bus to Manazuru Cape, where these first photos were taken. Then we walked to Yugawara Onsen station and took a bus up to the hotel. We walked the 5km down and rented eBikes for three hours and toodled around the town. Then we caught an afternoon train home. Perfect weather. 
There were NO geocaches in this area! I was shocked because the scenery and the history is fantastic. I hope someone sets a whole bunch of them there one day (2.5hrs by train is a wee bit far for me to do maintenance on them so I will leave it to someone else. )
A special thanks to Yuko for recommending this lovely location!  


Notes from the Universe 2015/10/09

This is beautiful….. Perfect. Beyond perfect, actually!
“Within any clearly imagined dream, far beyond the curtains of time and space, lies the intelligence and energy to choreograph the entire sequence of events necessary to make it manifest as soon as possible. 
And if you physically move towards that dream, demonstrating both faith and belief, making yourself available to “accidents and coincidences,” not insisting on the hows and rolling with what may come, the sequence is permitted to play itself out. 
Understand, however, that since you will only perceive this sequence with your physical senses upon a linear time line, it will likely seem that much of your journey doesn’t make sense, is unpredictable, or may even appear off-course. ” – The Universe

No Ends

So yesterday I went to no ends (19.58km no ends) to Tokyo Station in order to buy some special chocolate for Bob, because he requested it (yeah, one guy buying another guy heart chocolates, how sexy!)
I was looking for a place to park my bike and asked the police officer in the police box if there were any legal parking areas nearby (the area directly behind the box was full of people’s bikes, parked illegally). He searched for me but in the end concluded there was nothing nearby. So I apologized and told him I would park my bike with all the other bikes piled up behind his box. His response? “Oh well, what can you do, I guess…” I laughed.

I found the Pierre Marcolini chocolate shop; INSIDE the turnstile.
So I go through the turnstiles and get three boxes of chocolates for my sweetheart “Bob the Clown”, because he is an exacting sumbiotch. And I hope he enjoys them!

On the way out, I couldn’t leave the station so had to go to the station guy with my pass I card. I told him, “I just went in to buy some chocolates for my friend… And he let me out of the station. Nice guy! (Maybe he has a soft spot for Pierre Marcolini chocolates…)
Then as I am looking for some food I spot a steak bento at a meat shop under the station.
Holy crap! It’s the most expensive obento I have ever seen! But I bet the meat is good.

I walk a little bit further and find “Bubby’s” which will sell you pies, pull your pork (or something like that), and the hamburger I decided to eat (I’ve been bullied often enough by my Sis, Paula, to know better than to eat at McDonalds unless I want to face her Irish wrath).

Following that I crossed the corridor, went into Starbucks for a cafe misto and whipped cream and spent a couple of hours working on a presentation that I have the honour to give to my Canuck buddy Rob’s students in December.
Once completed to my somewhat satisfaction I found my bike (parked behind the police box at Exit22), and enjoyed a very pleasant ride home.
All in all it was a lovely day yesterday.
I just dropped H off at the bus to Haneda as she is going to visit old friends down in Kyushu for a couple of days (we ate at McDonalds and now I’m afraid I will have to face the “wrath of the Irish”).
Tomorrow I leave for a week R&R in Asheville to deliver love and chocolate hearts to Bob the Clown, and take in his daughter’s wedding while delivering an okimono hand crafted by Max for the newlyweds.

The weather looks delightful and I am pretty sure I can get in a bit of geocaching in the area as well, unless Bob kicks up too much of a fuss.
I love you!

August Update in the Rice Bowl

It has been quite a while since I took the time to update my thoughts here. Months, in fact! In May I ended my work at a company after 2.5 years. Actually I finished in June but took days off. I did a lot of cycling those two months. In fact I covered 275km in May and 450km in June. It was great! I even got a flat that I couldn’t repair and had to walk home 20km in the pouring rain. I ended up buying new bike shoes after that as the soles wet worn down too much for a comfortable walk and I had 10km of steel cleats pressing into the underside of my feet. So that was a good thing!
I did a little geocaching, but have been more interested in riding and just getting out. Out out. Riding up the Arakawa River is a nice way to get in some good exercise. Riding back is even “better” because you get 30km of headwind coming up River off of Tokyo Bay. Nice suntan. Still no calves. It’s the genetics. I haven’t been to the gym much at all but I would much rather be on my bike in the fresh air than smelling the rancid sweat of some of those guys pumping iron in the gym. Of course I smell like an Irish Spring! (Without the headache inducing sneezing chemicals that they put in the soap and the anti perspirant).
So today I am taking it easy. I got a nice short haircut for the summer and an upcoming trip to “hotter than Hell” for work. I like it. My head feels like a Persian rug now. It’s about as sexy as a Persian rug, too, though not nearly as colourful. 
I talked to a friend of 10 years today. The last time we “voiced” was about 10 years ago. She has had quite the experiences over the past 10 years; seen a lot more than she might have liked to, and done a lot more as well. But you know what? She is one of my heroes in this life. After the New Orleans disaster, she, along with many other civilians, went into New Orleans to do whatever they could for the animals left behind. The stories she told me are still with me. The details. And that is only the stuff she said she could share. Which means she carries a lot more in that amazing mind and beautiful head of hers. 
She is a superhero in my books. A real life superhero. She may not throw giant hammers, or spin webs, or have guns of steel, but she has heart. And soul. And infinite amounts of love. And for that, I respect her and love her unconditionally and infinitely. Whether we talk. Or whether 10 years pass. It doesn’t change. 
She is my hero and this post is for her. 
I love you, “N.O.”!


Toodling around Kasai Rinkai Koen

Today was a gorgeous day. 
After cleaning up the kerosene heater and putting it away I went out for a relaxing ride in the sun to Kasai Rinkai Koen (Park). Along the way I picked up two geocaches. While toodling around the park I grabbed another five. There were tons of families enjoying an outing in the park today. I even had the opportunity to lie down by the shore of The Bay, take off my shirt, and get a little bit of sun (and nap) for about 45 minutes. 
This park only has about 10 caches in total; but it can home many more. Since I have a stockpile of unused caches, perhaps I will place some caches in that park.